Dispellent Toss


Dispel and repel any and all supernatural energies,
and cure any and all supernatural ailments, maladies,
and conditions.

  • Effective against rituals.
  • Effective against charms.
  • Effective against curses.
  • Effective against spells.
  • Effective against jinxes.
  • Effective against hexes.
  • Effective against wards.
  • Effective against transfiguration.
  • Effective against entrancings.
  • Effective against bewitchings.
  • Effective against hauntings.
  • Effective against talismans.
  • Effective against telepathy.
  • What is Dispellent™?
    Research and Development

    Dispellent™ is a safe white powder that has been researched and developed to provide maximum empowerment and effectiveness against any and all supernatural energies. It's a base of sodium bicarbonate that has been imbued with quintessential void.

    Also Dispellent™ can alleviate fear from chemtrails, geopathic zones, and any radio radiation (wifi, cell phones, smart meters, satellites, etc.). In these uncertain times, you can be certain of Dispellent™ as part of a holistic approach to wellness.

    The word "dispellent" is the ancient Latin third-person plural future active indicative of dispellō, as in She will dispel (drive asunder, scatter, disperse, drive away, or put an end to).

    I'm empowered and safe thanks to Dispellent™.
    --Torsten Pihl
    Dispellent™ is more effective than holy relics and at a fraction of the cost.
    --Tony Neff
    With Dispellent™ I can scoff at anyone's evil eye.
    Casting Dispellent™ gives me great comfort.
    --Che Dean
    No more fear with Dispellent™!
    Dispellent™ potects my entire family from marauding garden gnomes, and more!
    --Matt Trappe
    I have peace of mind thanks to Dispellent™.
    --Paul Skarda
    A mellow way to round out my day.
    --Jen B.
    How to use Dispellent™
    • For external use only! Avoid eye contact and inhalation.
    • Cast about at will and wherever you feel it's needed.
    Where to Buy Dispellent™