Dispellent Toss


Dispel and repel any and all supernatural energies.

  • Stable and hypo-allergenic formulation.
  • Long shelf life. No refrigeration required.
  • Low toxicity, though intended for external use only.
  • Effective against curses.
  • Effective against charms.
  • Effective against jinxes.
  • Effective against opponents' lucky objects.
  • Effective against bewitchings.
  • Effective against entrancings.
  • Effective against hauntings.
  • Effective against telepathy.
  • Effective against spells.
  • Research and Development
    Research and Development

    Dispellent™ is a safe white powder that has been developed and researched to provide maximum empowerment and effectiveness against any and all supernatural energies. Dispellent™ also alleviates fear from Earth radiation, geopathic zones, and any radio radiation (wifi, cell phones, smart meters, satellites, etc.). In these uncertain times, you can be certain of Dispellent™ as part of a holistic approach to wellness.

    I'm empowered and safe thanks to Dispellent™.
    --Torsten Pihl
    Dispellent™ is more effective than holy relics and at a fraction of the cost.
    --Tony Neff
    With Dispellent™ I can scoff at anyone's evil eye.
    --Edna Price
    Casting Dispellent™ gives me great comfort.
    I have peace of mind thanks to Dispellent™.
    I'm free from fear thanks to Dispellent™
    How to use Dispellent™
    • For external use only!
    • Cast about at will and wherever you feel its needed.
    Where to Buy Dispellent™